Written Comments from Civil Law Attorneys Following Mediation:

“Melanie did an exceptional job in an impossible case.”

“Thank you for the utterly magnificent job you did as mediator in settling our case.”

“LOL, you have accomplished the impossible.”

“Melanie Grimes did a great job. We made progress and went a lot farther number-wise than I expected . . . I would recommend Melanie to others.”

“The noticeable difference that sets Melanie positively apart from a number of mediators is her ability or talent to identify the ‘gut issues’ that are the true thistles between the parties.”

“[Melanie was] faced with a legally complex securities case that all the attorneys believed could not be settled at mediation. And, yet, [Melanie’s] persistence (tempered with sincerity, graciousness and a genuine sense of decorum) carried the day and moved the parties to an ultimate resolution. Thank you for a job well done.”

“Ms. Grimes did a fabulous job on an emotional case.”

“Melanie always does a great job for us.”

“Melanie did a wonderful job in facilitating communications between the parties and was very effective in her approach to mediation.”

“I had some client control issues. When it became apparent my client was becoming frustrated, the mediator effectively handled the issue. Managed to reduce client’s inflated expectations to reasonable level.”

“Thanks again for doing an excellent job in bringing our case to a conclusion.”

“Melanie Grimes did a great job of mediating this case. She listened to everyone and was patient and provided helpful suggestions. I will use her again.”

“I was surprised to learn Melanie was not an attorney. She is, by far, the best non-attorney mediator I have ever mediated a case with. She was very knowledgeable about the legal and factual issues presented.”

“Melanie did a great job of adjusting to the parties’ expectations. I am very satisfied with her services.”

“Melanie did a good job of keeping us both at the table when it would have been easy for either party to leave. Great job.“

“The mediator was very professional and competent. She handled certain aggravating issues that could have negated a resolution to the case through mediation in a very professional manner.”

“Ms. Grimes’ insight into the motivations and personalities involved greatly affected the settling of this case today.”

“Melanie did a fine job on a tough case. We look forward to seeing her again.”

“Melanie Grimes did an effective job on a difficult case to settle (given the emotional temperaments of the parties).”

“Very professional at a reasonable rate. It was my first experience with her—and I look forward to future sessions.”

“Melanie Grimes had the perfect temperament to settle this case. Her skill as a mediator is unsurpassed and my client and I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.”

“Melanie Grimes did an excellent job on a very difficult and legally complex case.”

“This was a great mediation session. Melanie Grimes was able to keep everyone relaxed and open to communication. She utilizes the best parts of most successful mediators’ styles.”

“Melanie was excellent. This was a small but difficult and very charged case. She handled it beautifully and achieved settlement when I did not think it would happen.”

“Very effective mediator. Prepared prior to mediation. Understood the parties’ positions and worked efficiently to achieve resolution.”

“The mediator was outstanding—open, patient, attentive.”

“Excellent work. Don’t change anything.”