Written Comments from Clients Following Mediation of a Civil Matter:

“I felt that the mediation saved me from a lot of stress and strain and ended a messy conflict. I felt very comfortable with [Melanie]. It also helped me see things from a different point of view, something that is extremely difficult when you’ve been injured.”

“Melanie was very knowledgeable and very personable—very effective at her job.”

“Wonderful mediator! Everything [my attorney] told me about you was true—hope to use your services again soon.”

“She was a great mediator and I would use her in the future.” —Insurance Claims Rep

“I would highly recommend Melanie E. Grimes as a mediator for any type dispute.”

“Very well run. Would use this mediator again.” —Insurance Claims Rep

“She was really great and helped us and was really good at mediation.”

“This was a very enjoyable session and I will gladly come back. I’ll be telling my colleagues about my good experience.” —Insurance Claims Rep

“Great job.” —Insurance Claims Rep

“Very effective mediator.”

“I think the process went well. I appreciate all ideas that were laid out. I really appreciate her consideration of my concerns.”

“Melanie was very accommodating, very polite, very knowledgeable and very thorough throughout the day. I was very pleased with her help.”

“Very good mediator. Considered all facts and very helpful.” —Insurance Claims Rep

“Nice environment, felt very relaxed and comfortable with the process.”

“Ms. Melanie Grimes is an excellent mediator and I felt that she was unbiased and was here to help both parties reach an agreement without any pressure. I would recommend her & her service to anyone. Great job, Ms. Grimes!”

“Professional, gracious, redirects as necessary. Effective.”

“Melanie is professional, calm and focused which are good attributes for a mediator.”

“Mediation was balanced and ‘guidance’ was appropriate. Melanie was professional and personable. Great baker, too!”

“Melanie was great and very personable.”

“Fair—mediator—would use again—“

“Very good work and effort. Process was valuable despite unfavorable outcome.”

“The mediation went well & Ms. Grimes was a wonderful mediator, liked her very much.”

“Well organized. Very informed about mediation process. Helped to resolve outcome sooner.”

“Melanie made this possible. She certainly has the personality and character for this job.”

“Melanie was very professional & helpful in understanding the process.”

“You made me feel very comfortable talking with you and expressing my ideas and opinions. Thank you for your kindness and easy going approach to an emotionally charged situation. Best of luck in the future.”

“The mediator was very helpful.”

“Excellent mediation skills—I would recommend your service!”

“Melanie is a great person to work with. Great job!”

“She was an outstanding mediator. I was comfortable with her.”

“Felt she was knowledgeable about the mediation and was able to convey opinions without taking sides—suggestions were helpful.”

“I was very pleased working with Melanie. She is very professional.”

“Very comfortable environment. Thank you, Melanie.”

“Good cookies. Melanie was very hospitable and great with us.”