Written Comments from Clients Following Mediation of a Family Matter:

“Melanie was wonderful. I thought this would have gone to trial. A great session.”

“I appreciated your professionalism and gentle approach to a very painful situation. You helped us reach an agreement quickly and the whole process was handled with care and kindness. Thank you!”

“Melanie was proficient, insightful and willing to work hard to reach a settlement. Her expertise and hard work were greatly appreciated.”

“Melanie was an asset to me, by making all arguments crystal clear in order for me to make proper decisions. I would highly recommend her services to anyone going through a divorce.”

“Melanie made me feel comfortable; listens well; also has good, fresh ideas for resolution.”

“She really heard what I said. Melanie has a real gift in knowing how to present ideas that will work. Thank you!!”

“Melanie is incredible in her job. She is very creative, sensitive to each party, intelligent, capable and extremely motivating.”

“Melanie’s skills are extraordinary.”

“Your professionalism and warm personality truly helped me during the mediation. I immediately trusted your instinct and your understanding. I couldn’t have had a better mediator.”

“Really listened. We each had a bizarre issue and were able to get both concluded!”

“Melanie was very accommodating, very polite, very knowledgeable and very thorough throughout the day. I was very pleased with her help.”

“Ms. Grimes is a remarkably adept and competent mediator.”

“[She] saved me a lot of time and [was] wonderful to work with.”

“Melanie Grimes put me at ease immediately and was very professional and courteous. I felt through her actions some tough issues were resolved in a shortened period of time. Spoke with confidence and authority. I particularly enjoyed the ‘magic bars.’”

“Melanie was very helpful with procedures and mediation tactics. This was a complex case and both sides did not expect a settlement outcome. However, both parties walked away with a fair settlement.”

“Ms. Grimes is skilled & compassionate & I would recommend her to anyone in need of this process.”

“Incredible! We never expected to settle!”

“This settlement would not have happened with any other mediator. Melanie did an excellent job!”

“Felt Melanie did a very good job with a very difficult and very emotional situation. She is very ‘gifted’ as a mediator. I would recommend her to others.”

“I was very happy and comfortable with Melanie and the way she conducted the mediation involving us. Thank you!”

“The Mediator was definitely very knowledgeable of the mediation process and I felt she worked very hard to eliminate tensions before they arose. Thank you.”

“Melanie Grimes was very knowledgeable, forthright, and sincerely interested in an amicable settlement—for which I am grateful.”

“Melanie was great—nice personality—encouraging—if I had to go through anything again (which I hope I don’t) I would ask for her. My daughter was very inspired with Ms. Grimes’ knowledge as a mediator.”

“I think the mediator handled herself very professionally and was very helpful with information.”

“This case was handled in an efficient and excellent manner.”

Thank you. I did not think we could agree.”

“Thanks. It took a lot off my mind.”

“Melanie made this a much more comfortable experience than I would have thought it to be.”

“I was greatly impressed by the outcome of this mediation. Ms. Grimes is a wonderful individual inside and out. Her skills and achievements show her success on my case. Thank you, EXCELLENT!!”

“Thank you for all you have done. Keep up the good work. You are a great mediator.”

“You do a wonderful job—thank you.”

“I was very happy with the outcome. Now my daughter gets to see her father. Thank God.”

“Thanks, Melanie, you were great! In this very awkward time!”

“Left with what I wanted—great job.”

“Melanie was exceptional, professional, and honest!!”

“I really enjoyed the mediator. She helped me feel comfortable and relaxed. I really like her style of mediation. Keep up the good work. Thank you and God Bless!”

“Melanie was very knowledgeable and professional. More important she is a kind human being who helps people in need.”

“Good snacks, comfortable surroundings, and a really cool marble-topped table. I had planned to not shake the hand of opposing counsel because I had been personally offended by him, but by the time I was introduced to him, I changed my mind because I was that relaxed in this nice setting.”

“This was an awesome experience!”

“Melanie Grimes is an outstanding mediator. She worked extremely hard to see that the outcome was fair and in the best interest of our daughter.”

“Very patient and understanding while also being very thorough and efficient.”

“Melanie was a delight! She put me at ease immediately and showed a genuine interest in all my worries and concerns.”

“Melanie was wonderful! I wish we had done this months ago.”

“Great job, Melanie!”

“I appreciated the professionalism.”

“Melanie was great! She worked out the impossible, so I thought.”

“Mediator is well experienced and cordial during the whole process. Melanie, thanks for a great job!”

“Although I did not get absolutely everything I wanted, Melanie was fantastic and diligent to bring closure to this process. I would be happy to be a reference for you.”

“Thank you very much for being so understanding, making everything better between me & [the child’s father]. You were very helpful in everything.”

“Melanie was not only very professional but also adept at diffusing ‘tense’ moments. She was extremely personable while explaining the issues and—lucky for both parties—persistent!”

“Ms. Grimes did a great job to conclude this session between two hard-headed people successfully. Thank you, Ms. Grimes.”

“I can’t thank you enough for your true love and compassion regarding my daughter, my son, and me. I prayed that the Lord would have someone there for me. You are one of His angels in the flesh!”

“I’m glad that we could get a win/win situation out of a situation that looked bleak.”

“Excellent—Melanie was kind and thoughtful and the surroundings here made us comfortable. Thank you for allowing me to stomp around and for understanding my emotional distress at this time.”

“Thank you for your caring, kindness, and compassion handling my case. You are a wonderful lady, and an asset to your profession.”