Written Comments from Family Law Attorneys Following Mediation:

“Excellent job, as always!! I think Melanie is the best mediator in the Family Law section.”

“I can say this without reservation—this was the best mediation experience in my 13 years of practice. (I have participated in hundreds of mediations and/or settlement conferences.) And please know I have worked with some (if not many) wonderful mediators.”

“One of the best mediators in the business, 2nd to none. Brilliant job.”

“Many thanks for all your patience, instruction, and creativity! I am now a convert to Zoom mediation! It is VERY COOL!”

“Normally, after mediation, I really wrestle with the ‘coulda, woulda, shoulda’ of the case: we could have done this, we would have done that, we should have done something else. But, for our last two mediations, I’ve left mediation knowing that you had created the very best opportunity for the parties to be successful. A pretty great feeling. Many thanks for all you do.”

“You are in my top 3 mediators in town. You are great!!”

“Thank you again for your diligent, compassionate, patient, competent work. There are not enough adjectives to describe the skill with which you mediated a difficult case. You made my client feel hopeful and validated and made my job easier. Thank you. I will continue to recommend your mediation services.”

VERY effective!!! Mediator was very patient and professional in a very complicated, emotional case. The environment was also VERY comfortable, clean and provided any and everything I could’ve needed while spending the day here. Very pleasant experience!!! Thanks! GREAT JOB!!”

“Melanie was excellent in effectively and quickly reducing tension and animosity. Great work on reducing the ‘negotiating’ time usually involved and getting to the crux of resolving our disputes.”

“Great! Amazing how fast we got this worked out!”

“Melanie is THE BEST. Her expertise, patience, demeanor and hard work are unmatched—I’m serious!! My client was very satisfied with the process and certainly the child will benefit from the negotiated (as opposed to litigated) outcome.”

“Well done. I get to add a new mediator to my ‘A’ list. Thank you.”

“Melanie, you have my trust and confidence and future business. I thought you did a great job knowing when and how to raise sensitive matters and you did a great job setting boundaries and ensuring we stayed focused on the goal.”

“Thanks, Melanie! This has been one of the toughest cases of my career and you helped make progress!”

“This is the first mediation that I have ever had settle within the allotted time.”

“Melanie was wonderful. She is very knowledgeable, understanding, and actually dedicated to getting cases resolved.”

“Wow! I never thought this case would settle! Melanie was marvelous.”

“This mediator has settled a very difficult relocation case that was destined for jury trial. Both parties were spared a great deal of expense and emotional distress. The children also win.”

“Ms. Grimes did an exceptional job. This was a very difficult case with property items hotly contested and she managed to find a middle ground that successfully settled this case.”

“Another wonderful job!”

“This very difficult case could not have settled without Melanie’s skillful mediation efforts. I have been to many mediations—I was impressed.”

“Melanie was wonderful and very helpful in a very difficult and sticky situation. My client and I were amazed that we settled and I think Melanie’s skill was the main reason that we did settle.”

“This mediator was not only knowledgeable about the process, but made the parties feel comfortable before beginning the process. Her ability to reduce tension is unsurpassed. I anticipated much more stress and complaints from either party but that was not the case.”

“Case had been mediated twice before with no settlement. Melanie was able to get it concluded.”

“This case involved a ‘pro se’ party on the other side who has been very difficult to deal with. I did not expect to accomplish anything in mediation. Melanie quickly picked issues that could be resolved and managed to resolve everything but child support—amazing. I would not agree to child support because the opposing party had not produced income info. A motion to compel is pending which will resolve this completely. Great job.”

“Melanie is a fantastic mediator. She finds creative solutions to impasse and effectively helps the parties resolve the case. Melanie has quickly become one of my favorite mediators.”

“The mediator is well-informed and prepared. She is likewise very courteous and conscious of each side’s concerns, and helps put both parties at ease.”

“Melanie did an excellent job explaining values and proposals which was critical in this case and is critical in property disputes. She was extremely patient and dedicated to getting the parties to reach a complete agreement.”

“Once again, Melanie pulled off a miracle.”

“Melanie is an incredibly effective mediator. She has superb skills that allowed the parties to reach an agreement. Her help was essential in resolving the case.”

“Wonderful mediator. Very pleased with the way she conducted the mediation and impressed by her skill and ability to get this difficult case resolved.”

“Superb job.”

“Melanie is one of the best mediators I have ever worked with. She is outstanding and I will make every effort to use her in future cases.”

“Ms. Grimes did an excellent job.”

“My first time with this mediator. I will suggest her in the future.”

“Your manner is sincere, your skill is evident and your result was outstanding.”

“Mediator was very professional and knowledgeable. She really handled every situation with grace and tact. Case would not have settled without her assistance.”

“Another excellent experience and outcome.”

“It’s a miracle this case was settled and a tribute to the mediator’s skill. We are appreciative of an amicable solution.”

“Thanks so much for including both attorneys in the drafting process. I never thought this case would settle. Amazing again!”

“Mediator was very knowledgeable and thus very helpful in this process.”

“Melanie was an excellent mediator. She worked diligently to resolve some very difficult property issues.”

“Mediator did an exceptional job of using alternatives for satisfaction of debts/support to facilitate settlement of the case.”

“Melanie did an excellent job of ‘focus’ with parties who tended to ‘try’ the entire marriage at mediation.”

“Ms. Grimes was thorough in factual detail and tenacious at the critical moment; an excellent mediator.”

“Mediator did an excellent job of analyzing where the middle ground was and getting the parties there in an efficient and non-threatening manner. Excellent job!”

“Ms. Grimes was very professional, made the client feel at ease, broke through a psychological barrier—reached a solution that neither party will be ecstatic about but one that was fair.”

“Melanie was an excellent mediator in an emotionally difficult case.”

“Melanie was outstanding. She was extremely sensitive to the emotional issues that any divorce involves and was skillful at recognizing and soothing these undercurrents while maintaining impartiality and moving steadily towards resolution.”

“Again—great job on difficult and sensitive issues. The mediator showed compassion for each party while at the same time was neutral. The end result gave the parties what they wanted.”

“Great results. Mediator was able to put both parties at ease.”

“One of the best mediators I have had the pleasure of working with.”

“Melanie was able to seize upon a different caveat and maneuver towards resolution—client was fixated in certain areas and inflexible. Once issue approached from different angle, resolution was complete.”

“Melanie was wonderful, professional, knowledgeable, creative, very good client control; very, very impressed. Would advise any attorney or parties in dispute to mediate with her.”

“Melanie did a wonderful job of keeping the process positive and upbeat. She was sensitive to my client’s desires but impartial at all times.”

“Melanie was extremely creative and a blessing to this case.”

“Both parties were probably surprised and pleased. Ms. Grimes is a natural mediator.”

“Melanie rocks!!!”

“Previously, I hadn’t used non-attorney mediators for my family law cases. Now, Melanie is my standing exception. She is skilled, insightful, and quick to come up with potential solutions.”

“As usual, Ms. Grimes conducted a very successful mediation with her special personality which is both professional and competent but with a personal touch which puts the parties at ease. Thanks.”

“Melanie was extremely professional and helpful throughout the mediation process—I will definitely use her services again.”

“Melanie is one of the very best mediators I have ever worked with!”

“Outstanding mediator!!!”

“Melanie was very professional and a real pleasure to work with. One of the best mediators I’ve come across in a while.”

“Melanie—did excellent work—Amazing.”